Rare and Delicious Whiskeys

Orphan Barrel, a new to world brand, was created to find forgotten barrels of rare and delicious whiskey hidden away in rickhouses and distilleries. forceMAJEURE collaborated with Diageo to bring to life the unique spirit of each Orphan Barrel offering, from the inaugural Old Blowhard and Barterhouse to Whoop & Holler, their ninth and most aged offering.


The family is unified by a design that is rooted in American whiskey-making tradition, while differentiated from one variant to the next through design language that is unique to each offering’s distinct personality. Tenets important to the brand are craft, quality and authenticity—each touchpoint from hand drawn labels to the bottling line reflect how these principles are core beliefs lived by the brand. The branding for Orphan Barrel remains consistent with each launch to announce all variants as members of the family, but the individual issues have their own personalities with animals that express the unique character of liquid and name.

Visual Strategy, Brand World, Naming & Branding, Packaging Design (Graphics), Key Visuals

2014 Luxury Packaging Awards (Shortlist), Drinks Primary Category

2015 Gold Graphis Design Annual

2016 HOW International Design Awards, Outstanding Achievement