forceMAJEURE was tasked with creating this new brand for the on-the-go family from strategy and naming, all the way through to the design of a logo-mark and pack design. With these four products came a clean slate to fully position the brand in a market that had yet to be exposed to these bold, fresh, and family-oriented French recipes. 


Starting with an immersion into the retail market and its trends, forceMAJEURE crafted the brand’s personality, story, and values. The brand story showcases how fresh ingredients come to life through crafted recipes and create joyful everyday moments. forceMAEJURE used this as a foundation for defining the brand’s name and tagline. The name cues quality, baking and care, while being approachable and playful. The graphic exploration that followed resulted in a pack design that effectively balances quality and accessibility, and appeals to American consumers. 

Visual & Brand Identity, Strategy, Tone-of-Voice, Naming, Packaging (Graphics), Illustration