The Future of Vitamins

Orb is a new-to-world vitamin supplement distributed by wellness marketer Corr-Jensen, representing an opportunity to create something that would disrupt a cluttered, generic, and emotionless category. forceMAJEURE was engaged to work on all aspects of the brand identity for the cutting-edge supplement, which culminated in the design of packaging structure and graphics for all eight variants. The goal throughout the process was to create a new brand of dietary supplements that offers an enjoyable human experience, that’s smart and friendly and complements people’s active lifestyles.


forceMAJEURE’s involvement began as a visual strategy exercise, working with the client to define the new-to-world brand’s core values, foundational brand pillars, and brand world. This was followed by a comprehensive graphic and structural exploration. The result was a dynamic brand with ownable and meaningful equities. The brandmark balances a bold, graphic icon with a trustworthy, approachable wordmark. Soft, rounded corners create a friendly appeal, and the energetic symbol communicates the time-release technology of the pill in action. The bespoke structure includes a cylindrical outer packaging that emulates the pill shape, which houses a spherical primary structure. 

Visual Strategy, Brand World, Branding & Visual Identity, Naming, Packaging Design (Structure and Graphics)
2017 Silver Pentaward, Body/Healthcare Category