Ciroc Summer Colada
Summer Colada is the newest offering in the Ciroc line, a range that celebrates rare ingredients, expert process, and refined purity. This limited edition flavor features a tropical fusion of fresh pineapple with a touch of coconut cream. The Diageo team engaged forceMAJEURE to create a premium pack for this limited-time-only offering that would honor the brand’s assets, and stand out as a symbol of summer. 

forceMAJEURE designed the packaging for this new flavor experience as a build on previous work they’ve done on the core Ciroc line and limited-time-only offerings. To convey the premium-ness of the product, the clear bottle and iconic blue dot of the core line have been replaced by a glossy, opaque white body with premium touches of gold in the orb and copy. The result was a commercially successful launch, and a design that celebrates the brand’s core values of luxury and celebration and stands out on shelf among the competition.

Visual Strategy, Branding, Packaging Design (Graphics)