As an agency, we are multidisciplinary.  As a team--we are multicultural. 

With nearly 10 different nationalities represented in our studio, we bring a richness of culture, perspective, experience, and relevance to our design work. 


We celebrate the unique talents and skills that everyone brings to the studio each day.

Laurent Hainaut , Founder

Catherine Mountain , Partner, VP & GM

Pierre Delebois , Executive Creative Director

Michelle Mak , Creative Director

Meghan Bradley , Director of Client Services

Raphaelle Mahieu , Director of Client Services

Brit Thornburg , Studio manager

Griffin Heller, Account manager

Tim Deveraux , Art Director

Harry Chong , Design Director

Travis Collier , Senior Designer

Kei Hayashi , Senior Designer

Grace Kao , Senior Designer

Melanie Brown , Senior Designer

Akriti Malohra , Designer

Samantha Morreale , Designer

Tim Sundolm , Junior Designer

Gary Ianuzi, Production Direstor

Steve Assandri , Production Manager

Sabine Richter , Controller

Carlene Purpura , Accounts Receivable Manager

Taka Igirashi , Still Life Photographer

Thom Unterburger , IT Director