Photography & imaging by

forceMAJEURE Studio



forceMAJEURE  Photo Studio is skillfully directed by our award-winning photographer Takahiro Igarashi.

Our state of the art equipment allows the team to produce artful and elaborate still-life photoshoots--for print or digital.
Working in perfect symbiosis with our photographers, our retouching team allows for limitless creativity, delivering powerful images that will enhance campaign messages.

The team also collaborates regularly with a set of renowned
photographers, including Ludovic Belmont, and Arnaud Montagard, providing a set of know-how ranging from still-life to lifestyle and fashion photography.

The forceMAJEURE Studio 7000sq.ft. space provides exceptional natural light and allows for large photoshoots, video, and film production.​​


Combining the skillset of our 3D artists with the talent of our photographers and retouchers, 

force majeure can produce highly complex and realistic imagery of products, without the burden of complex set production.


surrounded by a close community of independent artists, videographers and motion graphic designers, our story-telling and art direction skills are brought to life in powerful videos and animations that deliver compelling and seductive narratives.