44˚N by Comte de Grasse wins the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2019

We are thrilled to announce that we have won a Bronze award at the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design, organized by Stratégies - the leading French media outlet in marketing communications.

For its 33rd edition, the jury has awarded our design and brand work for 44˚N by Comte de Grasse. For Comte de Grasse's inception and first gin release, we set out to capture the luminous depth of the Mediterranean sea and the windswept aroma of the French Riviera into a modern luxury design. Discover the full project here.

44˚N by Comte de Grasse Photography by forceMAJEURE Design.
Photography by forceMAJEURE Design.

forceMAJEURE Design Team:

Creative Director: Pierre Delebois

Art Director: Magdalena Travis

Design Director: Harry Chong In Partnership with CHIC Agency. 

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