A Universe of Orb: Disrupting the Vitamin Industry with a Lifestyle Brand

Upon reflection, it’s somewhat shocking that it took so long for someone to disrupt the vitamin industry. After Corr Jensen came to us wanting to introduce a new brand, their data and our early research quickly revealed a landscape devoid of innovation. We recognized our opportunity immediately: to create a brand invested in the ascendant holistic wellness trend, to appeal to a new generation of supplement consumers, and to infuse beauty into a monotonous market.

It’s important to say from the outset that there is no secret to identifying a market ripe for disruption. It takes vision, to be sure, but more than that, it takes due diligence. Data analysis, experiential research, digital research, and lots and lots of conversations—all have a role to play in creating a disruptive product. In our work with Corr Jensen, doing this legwork was instrumental in designing a product that will inspire new codes, standards and experiences for the category. The end result was the creation of Orb.

For this project and all of our work, the belief that drives us is the power of Beauty as a brand strategy. The example of Orb is a perfect one for understanding how this belief—that Beautiful design, functionality, and experience make products so strong that they transform an industry—can be layered on top of standard marketing tools to create an innovative, successful product.

How did we get there? From the start, the Corr Jensen team provided us with the building blocks we needed to launch into the strategic work of disruptive product design.

First, their expertise. From our first workshop with the team (when we brainstormed “Project E”), their deep understanding of the market provided both sides with a layer of confidence. They trusted their gut, and so we could, too.

Second, data and trends. When we first met, no industry leader had connected the dots enough to create healthy rituals around vitamin supplements. But the project brief we received had vision, informed by data; it described a brand invested in consumers’ overall wellbeing.

Hand-in-hand collaboration with our client partners helped us identify that lifestyle gap in the market, and we knew that we had to act quickly to fill it.

To fit beautifully into consumers’ wellness habits, a lifestyle brand needs a personality of its own. When we walked the vitamin aisles of stores like GNC or Walmart, we were struck by the sameness of every bottle. When we looked online at competitors’ websites, ditto: none greeted us with a chat box, or suggested recipes for healthy living.

We were neither persuaded nor seduced, and we started to understand how our new brand could do better.

With Beauty as a Strategy guiding our way, we developed a name and a brand personality. Orb would be human-centered, approachable, a mentor to younger generations interested in wellness and disinterested in status-quo brands. We started to imagine a “universe of Orb,” with app integrations, gym partnerships, and nutritionist collaborations.

When it came time to execute Orb’s packaging design, we knew that it needed to be as disruptive as the brand vision and personality. The consumer experience of Beauty begins at first sight, with visual “triggers” that communicate aspects of the brand’s values and personality.

For Orb, we started with color. Simple as it sounds, colorblocking was a revolutionary trigger. In the dusty, cluttered world of vitamin labels, we used color as a signal to communicate freshness and vitality—that this was a 21st century brand. It pushed Orb to the front, grabbing the consumer’s attention instantly. You couldn’t miss it on the shelf.

Orb’s graphics needed to be just as disruptive and modern as its package colors. In lieu of stock photos of vegetables and a jumble of text, we opted for all-white simplicity, a large clear logo, and essential information. Where competitors oversold, we went understated. Orb customers would want to take “shelfies” with their vitamin packs, not hide them in the back of the cabinet.

The experience of Beauty is more than visual attraction; after seduction comes engagement. A product must function beautifully in its role, thereby enhancing consumers’ lives. So we reimagined the entire vitamin experience, from selection on shelf to tactile engagement with the pack to the way the supplement itself works. First, selection: a modern wellness brand needs to address modern wellness concerns. Mental Focus + Mood, Sleep Complex, and Hair-Skin-Nails + Collagen are just a few of the new vitamin products we designed, making space for all types of consumers in the Universe of Orb. The vitamin itself  is simply the means to an improved sense of being.

Vitamins are not medicine, so we wanted the tactile experience of the Orb pack to feel less medicinal than the typical white bottle. We created a new healthy ritual around Orb by redesigning the bottle shape and dispensing system. Orb packs are attractive and portable, making the act of taking a vitamin feel as good as it’s effects. Finally, knowing from our upfront work with the Corr Jensen team that most vitamins are barely effective due to their pill structure, we designed an entirely new capsule. Giving Orb exclusive time-release technology further cemented the brand’s evolved and elevated status in the market.

When an opportunity for disruptive innovation presents itself, Beauty as a Brand Strategy is among the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal. Beauty seduces consumers into trying new breakthrough products like Orb, the vitamin of the future. With its big personality, fresh look, and approachable tone, Orb is primed to push the vitamin market in a more human-centric, beautiful direction.

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