force MAJEURE introduce new services of imaging and content production.

force MAJEURE is proud to introduce the forceMAJEURE Studio, our content production house.

The forceMAJEURE’s expertise in branding, packaging and product design is now enriched

by luxury and premium content production capabilities. 

Mastering all the tools and crafts linked to outstanding and innovative image creation, forceMAJEURE Studio in New York allows the ability for forceMAJEURE to create unique and ownable visual art direction.

the Studio brings together in one location experts in photography, Video, 3D rendering and post-production. We provide a unique technical platform where all the tools and crafts linked to creating images are united. The services we offer are: photo direction, production management, retouching posts, image retouching, technical and digital support, photo assistants and many more…

the forceMAJEURE Studio f is the ideal partner between creation and the final production (printers, medias, web, designers/decorator).

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