Penfolds Special bottlings by forceMAJEURE

Penfolds briefed forceMAJEURE to create the branding and the packaging for Penfolds Special Bottling, a new sub-brand of cross-category releases within the Penfolds portfolio.

forceMAJEURE developed the branding and the distinctive graphic for both the primary and secondary packaging for each new expression to stand out as a premium and experimental offering.

Inspired by both Penfold’s history of winemaking tradition and modern spirits experimentation, we created the Penfolds Special Bottlings branding, illustrations and packaging design to tell the range's story. 

Lot. 1990 & Lot. 518

The first of this range is Lot. 1990, a pot-distilled Single Batch Brandy. Aged in oak barrels for 28 years, the brandy reveals its amber tone through the transparency of the bottle. To create the bottle treatment, we blended design elements from the core Penfolds DNA with traditional brandy cues.

The second variant is Lot. 518,

a spirited wine blended with the Chinese grain spirit, baijiu. Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, we crafted a unique screen-printed botanical illustration of bamboo. Blending both harmony and balance, Lot. 518's packaging design celebrates Chinese tradition and the Australian spirit coming together to create a boldly different flavor. 

Thiénot X Penfolds Collaboration

"A champagne worthy of celebrating our past, present and future."

This launch symbolically celebrates Penfolds 175th anniversary and marks the start of a wonderful French and Australian wine alliance.  

To celebrate its 175th year, Penfolds unveiled Lot 1-175. To create this pioneering label, forceMAJEURE explored the two brands’ ranges and naming conventions to create an exceptional luxury design reflective of both Thiénot and Penfolds. To create the primary and secondary packaging, we sought inspiration from traditional French Champagne design cues and blended those with Penfolds' brand DNA.


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