Robert Marc Eyewear S/S 2018 Collection

Another take on Lifestyle by forceMAJEURE

Art Direction by force MAJEURE, Photographies by les ateliers New York

Robert Marc is renowned for its 35 year contribution to elevating eyewear as a couture accessory. Its signature is instantly recognized in the handcrafted frame art, the high-quality materials used and the delightful layering of colors and patterns brought to each frame.

Inspired by the captivating beauty of the Isle of Capri for the launch of the new Capri S/S 2018 collection, Robert Marc called on force MAJEURE design agency to define the on-trade messaging and art direction for their merchandising and visuals, as well as the design of their booth at Vision Expo East, in New York.

The Capri Forever signature tagline was crafted to communicate the effortless chic and timeless sophistication of the collection.

Our unique know-how in luxury and lifestyle product photography and image production captured the curated atmospheres and color palette and brought to life the mood and stylistic essence of each of the ten lines of the collection. Stylish product photographs take a dip into the spirit and inspiration of the glamorous Italian getaway like no other, where Roman opulence and classic Hollywood and high fashion meet.

We crafted subtle light textures, echoing the layering of contrasted colors, sublime depth of patterns and exciting new lens color finishes for the five Women’s styles and five Men’s styles.

A total of nine editorial visuals and ten product beauty shots were implemented in windows and merchandising displays in the Robert Marc stores in New York and its brand website.

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