TANAKA 1789 x CHARTIER Blend 001Vintage 2018

"A first in the world of sake, this inaugural blend awakens the taste buds with a uniquenatural fresh acidity reminiscent of the elegance and verticality of the best white wines ofthe world." Chartier has crafted a unique 2018 vintage Blend 001by finding the best harmony between Tanaka’s new Chartier-style sakes. The resulting aromatic sake explodes into a symphony of flavors from the first sip.

Master blender François Chartier and toji Morikawa work closely together to change the process of making sake at Tanaka 1789.

Their goal: to develop the perfect final product to be used for making the best blends. Each blend is different in texture, flavor, colorand, of course, aroma: making room for individuality.

That’s why each blend requires a different elaboration process, but always with the same attention and respect for tradition and philosophy. The one common denominator remains JUNMAI.

The Tanaka 1789 X Chartier Sake Blend 001, 2018 Vintage, is a kimoto tokubetsu junmai nama-zume blended sake.

For the first time in the history of sake in Japan, Francois Chartier, world famous sommelier and consultant for some of the greatest chefs in the world, has developed blends of sake inspired by his aromatic science, as well as the elegance, freshness and vivid acidity of the best white wines of the world, like ones from Burgundy and Loire Valley.

To achieve this incredible first blend, Chartier has worked with Tanaka’s toji, Morikawa san, a young and inspiring new generation sake maker, on crafting an innovative blend, multiplying, augmenting, and truly magnifying the aromatic synergy between the different sake cuvées.

forceMAJEURE worked closely with Chartier to craft a unique design for this innovative series of blends. Inspired by the distinctive architecture of the Tanaka Brewery, the black on black grid pattern in the background of the label reminds of the beautiful brewery walls, embodiment of the unique characteristics of the Edo period’s Kura architecture.

Printed as varnishes around the bottle, the grid pattern is sequenced to create a series of hexagons,Key symbol of Chartier’s aromatic science and expertise.

Built around the re-interpretation of tradition, the design successfully balances the rich history of Tanaka, with Chartier’s unique take on innovation.

The smooth, matte black bottle works together with the minimalist white graphics, for a sleek and sophisticated look & feel. The brand mark is also built around the powerful synergy between both names, allowing them to have their own dynamism, while strongly linked from the core.

Embracing the tradition of the Sake world, the unique black glass closure is then carefully sealed with a special label, as a guarantee of quality, elevating the experience of the product.

Reflecting the unique collaboration between Tanaka & Chartier, the new bottle is all about celebrating unexpected associations:

“Blending the best with the best.”

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