Special Reserve is one of the most unique expression of the Buchanan’s range. Perfect balance and extraordinary smoothness made possible by 18 years of aging and timeless expertise. An expression of elegance, luxury and status for the brand.

In an era marked by Covid, consumers have evolved as well as their relationship to luxury. They are looking for more meaningful interactions and see luxury as a way to transition into a moment of pure enjoyment, a wholesome experience of pleasure and togetherness. It is to promote these special moments that forceMAJEURE was commissioned by the Buchanan’s team to create a digital campaign for Special Reserve, celebrating these unique moments that create the Buchanan’s 18 luxury experience.

Through photography and video, the campaign captures moments of celebration, dialing up deliciousness and sophistication. A combination of product credentials, appealing serves, food pairings and moments of togetherness, unlocking the Buchanan’s luxury occasion. The essence of the Buchanan’s brand is present through the green and golden lights, combined with the radiant glow emanating from the bottle, celebrating true greatness. Targeting the Latin American market, the campaign was implemented across a range of platforms, including digital, social and print out-of-home.

Campaign shot by Daniel Jaramillo.


Art Direction, Digital Campaign, Photography & Video Production.