Cîroc is infamously known for their flavored vodka, however the standard vodka, also known as Blue Dot, is the backbone of the brand. Showing Cîroc’s true unfiltered personality and brand identity, Blue Dot is the brand’s pride and joy when it comes to simplicity, craftsmanship, and the overall vodka experience through our consumers’ lens.

We were challenged with the task of simply expressing, through digital and social media, what it truly feels like to experience Cîroc Blue Dot, rather than merely communicating the vodka’s surface level presence, as many brands in the category tend to do. Yes, Cîroc Blue Dot is a smooth and delicious liquid, crafted with fine French grapes through a rigorous and prideful process, but it is much more than that… Blue Dot is an emotional paradise. A unique experience of bringing people together. Most of all, it’s a celebration. Our job was to transport an audience to this place of what could be with Cîroc Blue Dot.

The creative concept behind “Blue Beat” (the campaign’s title), was not only a tagline, but also a mindset for what it means to celebrate with Cîroc Blue Dot. Celebration Is Vibration – this is what fueled the creative output in many ways, but also inspired much of the crew on-set and leading up to the day of production. Whenever there is a form of celebration, there is also an imminent sense of vibration. It can be felt. It can be seen. It can be heard. All of which were relayed through the ‘Blue Beat’ campaign. We wanted to visually communicate a vibration through lighting, wardrobe, dancing, emotion, liquid movement, and a unique audio track that was produced solely for the video (being played throughout the day on-set as well). This all lead to the final product seamlessly tying a celebration of culture and passion together through a common vibration.


Campaign, Photography & Video Production.