Since its launch, Cîroc has continuously been an innovator in the premium vodka category with its unique liquid made from fine French grapes, as well as its approach to flavor exploration. Taking inspiration from the Fashion world and leveraging its own reputation as an icon of modern luxury, Cîroc has launched two seasonal flavors per year, with a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collection, for the past several years. It started with Summer Colada and continues today with the recent launch of Pomegranate (and even more flavors in the pipeline).

forceMAJEURE works with Diageo to identify flavor trends and translate those flavors onto the bottle with lush colors, gradients and textures that evoke the taste of the fruits. The limited edition packs reinforce the codes established for Cîroc, with a pared-back approach to the copy layout that is simple, yet effortless, allowing the stylish and playful graphics to stand out. This disruptive approach to limited editions creates a sense of exclusiveness. The new flavors are teased on social channels in advance of the launch with a hint of mystery, generating excitement and exclusiveness. To date, each limited edition flavor has sold out quickly, leaving consumers in anticipation of the next flavor launch.


Limited Edition, Pack Design, Naming, Artwork Production, Art Direction, Campaign, Key Visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Photo & Video Production, Retail Assets.