Espolòn is a modern tequila brand inspired by Mexican storied culture and influenced by the style of artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. The brand lives in a raw and unpolished creative environment where you are part of the creative process in real time, with no filter. Following the creation of their new Cristalino product, as well as the creation of the new Espolòn brand world, we were commissioned to create a range of lifestyle assets to nourish the brand’s social and digital presence. Our challenge was to bring the brand to life through a series of lifestyle occasions anchored in celebration, specifically for the end-of-year season. The overall art direction of the photoshoot was guided by our brand’s key creative principles: bold, gritty, and boisterous fun, highlighting Espolòn’s thought-provoking spirit. The shoot took place on-location across the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, where we scouted locations that truly aligned with Espolòn’s grittiness and disruptive nature. We created moments of celebration, togetherness, and casual chats at a bar while showcasing the bottle and the cocktails as the hero of the moments.

 The campaign was shot by the photographer Camila Gutiérrez.


Branding & Visual Identity, Key Visuals, Art Direction, Campaign, Photography & Video Production.