Born out of the imagination of forceMAJEURE’s team, Noumenon is a refill-and-spray ritual each time you apply perfume, creating a moment of intention and regard for your self-expression. It is a three-tiered object. At the center is a lightweight bottle called the Essence Well, containing a fragrance and a pump for refilling it in small increments, a handheld diffuser. Surrounding the Essence Well is the Vessel, a beautiful object created for you and made to last. Lastly, rising from the inside of these layers to the top of the object is the handheld Diffuser, a small atomizer refilled with each use from the Essence Well.

Noumenon is a concept of infinite possibilities, opening a new field of exploration, collaborations, and interpretation. In collaboration with Make-a-Mark, forceMAJEURE created the first Noumenon Black Edition that was showcased at LuxePack Monaco 2022. It features a transparent black glass Vessel, with a sleek gunmetal chrome finish that coats the top of the piece and continues along the inner hourglass shape, finishing in the interior of the base. A matching black atomizer, the Diffuser, sits atop as the refilling and dispensing piece. As with all noumenon systems, the selected fragrance is housed in the Essence well, a copper glass bottle, which can be recycled and replaced with a new bottle once empty.

We partnered with Estal, who created the glass refill bottles and produced the Vessel glasswork, Leonhard Kurz, who printed and decorated the inner card, Avery Dennison, who produced the labels that adorn the crate, Knoll who produced the crate insert, and Norline, who produced the crate. We collaborated with The Society of Scent to explore a scent that can stimulate creativity: Experiment 56, the Olfactive Brain Booster. The goal of this unique experimentation is simple yet daring: to create an olfactive experience that can amplify the brain’s creative power with confidence, energy, and imagination. The Society of Scent employed the pressure-free “Slow Scent” technique to create a gender-neutral, distinctive expression that exists at the intersection of innovation and craft.


Ritual & Product Design, Product Development, Packaging Design