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Created in 1970, Eau de Rochas has a long history and is still perceived today as one of the most iconic perfume from the acclaimed French fashion house.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s solar Mediterranean roots, we were commissioned by the Rochas team to revive and modernize the brand through the creation of a new summer inspired release, building upon the iconicity and timelessness of the already established fragrance.

Celebrating freshness and nature, the new fragrance is strongly inspired by the French Riviera, conveyed not only through the name, but through the modernized structure, the sleek finishes, fresh colors and sophisticated graphics. Embracing the existing brand’s key assets, we created a new perfume bottle and closure. Respectful of the timeless and recognizable shape, we injected freshness and modernity, replacing the existing rugged texture by sleek ridges, a warm and solar yellow glass color, as well as an elegant and smooth closure. A new bottle that embodies years of knowhow, preserved as a heritage for centuries, and today brought to life through the warm and glowing lens of modern Riviera. Radiating colors echo through the pack. The vibrant name, Citron Soleil, embodies the solar energy translated through the contrasted yellow and blue of the secondary pack. A “less is more” approach which blends together freshness and modernity in a very elevated way, like a glowing sunburst of energy within a clear blue Mediterranean sky. The fragrance is luminous and simply delicious. Lemon essence radiates in tangy freshness, the sweetness of Neroli and the crunch of Fig Leaves transport you directly under the lemon trees, and the softness of White Musks creates an irresistible wake.

Made in France, Eau de Rochas Citron Soleil, a fragrance bathed in sunshine.


Design strategy, Portfolio strategy, Naming, Product design, Packaging design, Photography by forceMAJEURE and Rochas Paris