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For the inception of Comte de Grasse, new groundbreaking luxury spirits distillery, and its first release 44°N gin, forceMAJEURE Design joined Paris based agency CHIC in an exceptional and collaborative project to create its visual positioning, brand world, name, identity, product and packaging design.

Comte de Grasse, the origin of an innovation

Comte de Grasse is a groundbreaking new luxury spirits distillery, born from the passion of its founder for spirits and his desire to create their future. A project that crystallized in Grasse, the heart and soul of French perfumery and propitious cradle for the creation of the luxury and sustainable spirits brand Comte de Grasse.

The brand nourishes its visionary essence from the terroir, raw materials and advanced state of art in distillation techniques concentrated in Grasse, and its aesthetics inspired by the light and vibrations of the South of France and the magic of the contrasts of the Mediterranean coast. Comte de Grasse signs spirits born of an authentic perfume know-how and full of the poetry from the South of France.

Heritage , disruption, sustainability, social responsibility, and uncompromising quality…the fundamentals of Comte de Grasse have met the vision of a new luxury borne by CHIC. Comte de Grasse’s Lab Distillery, a collaborative melting pot of talent from every universe able to imagine the future of spirits, echoed the co-creation process at work at CHIC. The vision of CHIC was to build a tailor made-international team, with hand picked expertise and talents to create key synergies and coherence in order to realize the rich concept of Comte de Grasse for the brand to meet its targets and markets. CHIC chose to partner with forceMAJEURE, on this unique project.