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Old Parr . 

Brand Renovation, 2019.  


Born in London in 1909, Old Parr is the culmination of the most exceptional flavors Scotland has to offer — the rich earthiness of Islay peat, the balanced smoothness of Speyside waters, and the oaken warmth of Cragganmore casks. While it’s celebrated around the globe, Old Parr is genuinely at home with those who choose to savor life; crafted with Scottish pride and expressed with Latin soul.  


Aged twelve and eighteen years, the new OP 12 and OP 18 are the revivals of Old Parr's ultra-premium blended Scotch whisky. With an elevated version of OP 12 and unique bottle design for OP18 (previously Old Parr Superior), the premium pair displays a harmonious combination of some of the best whisky that Scotland has to offer. 


The goal of the redesign (comprised of OP 12 and OP 18) was to elevate the quality perception of the liquid, unify the brand’s core range and establish a platform for future growth, while celebrating the rich story and emotive positioning built around the character of Thomas Parr – one of England's longest-lived men, known for his vibrancy, maturity, and masterful aging. 


With a strong understanding of the brand’s visual codes, aligned with its compelling narrative, we reinterpreted the Old Parr brand DNA with a contemporary design language that builds upon the Old Parr story yet delivers a thoroughly modern expression for the range bottles.  


In design as in craft, Old Parr goes beyond the norm. Following the steps of the Greenlees brothers, we paid meticulous attention to details, creating sensorial tactility by elevating the bottle's distinctive square shape and unique crackled texture.  A product of many elemental materials -  each profoundly significant to the integral whole - Grand Old Parr's structure is redolent of the wood of the cask, the loving hands of the Master Blender, and the flame required for malting. Drawn by Old Parr's bold craft story, we took inspiration from elemental industrial materials, evocative of the brand’s enduring humanity and authenticity.  


Inspired by Parr's intrepid and ever-curious spirit, we recreated the brand’s key visual assets starting with the Grand Old Parr label, bringing forward Parr's celebrated portrait, painted by the prominent classical painter; Rubens. To further deliver the range’s craft story and long-standing heritage, we reintroduced the  OP medallion. Stamped with the OP monogram on a copper seal, the medallion serves as the bottle's iconic seal, symbolic of the brand's luxury proposition while setting it apart on shelf. The cap, signed with the OP monogram and the founders' handwritten signature evokes approval from the brothers themselves.   


The result is a rebranding that introduces an icon to the next generation of consumers; those inspired by brand authenticity, rich storytelling, crafted design, and meticulous attention to details.