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Considered one of the top luxury brands in the world, Ron Zacapa is an ultra-premium rum made with virgin sugarcane honey, crafted and aged at 7500 ft above sea level in the mountains of Guatemala. Because of its exceptionally smooth and rich liquid, Ron Zacapa has one of the highest drinker conversion rates in the brown spirits world.


As part of the Zacapa brand refresh, we were asked to elevate and contemporize the packaging design of Zacapa 23  and XO to reflect its status as a top luxury brand, while showcasing the brand character, which is deeply rooted in its Guatemalan heritage and craftsmanship. The redesign also aimed to build a more cohesive brand architecture that would eventually unify the whole Zacapa range beyond Zacapa 23 and XO, and create a new path for innovation.


The logotype was redrawn and we streamlined its letterforms, with a hint of sophistication and clearer legibility, and maintaining its expressive spirit. The orchid symbol, representing the brand’s place of origin, moved from a digital illustration to a more refined embossing in the bottle’s glass neck. The information architecture was revised to create a cleaner system across the Zacapa range to help consumers better navigate and understand the role of each variant. 


To enhance the brand story through its packaging, we looked at modernizing and harmonizing the existing key brand assets- from the logotype, the White Nun Orchid symbol, the hand-woven petate band, the award medallions that show the brand credentials, and the unique bottle shape.


The essence of Zacapa, from the complex liquid to the master blender who crafts it, is inherently full of warmth, life, and emotion.

To better express this, We redesigned the bottle of Zacapa 23 from its previous mechanical shape, conveying fluidity through softer shoulders and curves that taper to accentuate the lower part of the bottle, all while retaining remnants of its former unique profile. The tapered waist of the bottle draws focus to the brand’s iconic petate band, which is symbolic of Zacapa’s Mayan roots and is hand-woven by Guatemalan craftswomen for each bottle. 


The XO Bottle was redesigned entirely, to be fluid and sensual, reflective of the liquid’s intricate and vibrant flavor depth. The curved, droplet-shaped decanter is inviting and generous while accentuating the beauty and color of the liquid with a substantial glass base and edges. As a homage to its Guatemalan heritage and landscape, the neck of the bottle features the brand’s iconic hand-woven petate pattern elevated in a golden collar and a bespoke cap made of wood and gold.



Finally, the secondary pack evolved from a  folding carton to a round canister, a shape that better reflects the brand’s generosity and warmth. 


For both 23 & XO, The pack’s graphic elements, vibrant colors, and elegant finishes serve as an intriguing invitation for consumers to experience the world of Zacapa. 



Photography by forceMAJEURE PhotoStudio