The Dampierre family has a 700-year history with Champagne. With a focus on premiers crus grapes, Champagne Comtes de Dampierre has long been a favorite with French Embassies, Michelin star tables and wine lovers from around the world. The House owners have a strong passion for classic Bentley cars which have become a regular sight around the grounds. In partnership with Bentley Motors to honor their 100th anniversary, Champagne Comtes de Dampierre created an exceptional blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay specifically created to celebrate Bentley Motors extraordinary achievements. This champagne has been served at official events, such as Crewe, Pebble Beach, celebrations and dinners to honor the Bentley Centennial.

We created a limited-edition bottle, accessorized with a superbly crafted Champagne stopper. Inspired by the Flying B mascot from the Iconic Bentley models of the 1930’s and 1940’s—and taking the codes of the Bentley Centennial, we designed a sleek, modern structure crowned with the iconic vintage winged B ornament, bringing to life this unique piece of Bentley Motors history. The Limited Edition is beautifully showcased in an elegant grey box, which opens to reveal a bold red interior.


Limited Edition, Product Design, Packaging Design, Visual Identity. 

“Sometimes, the most interesting collaborations are the most curious ones. Blending the high and the low, the small and the big, the British Luxury Performance and a French Savoir-Faire. This could be a new form of Luxury: the collision of unique juxtapositions that creates one of a kind souvenirs.” Pierre Delebois, Executive Creative Director.