We were asked to create a brand redesign for Buchanan’s Red Seal, and bring to life the exclusive blend through the redesign of a new bottle structure, package design and gift box, highlighting its luxury and quality. Based on the ideals of sharing and generosity that Buchanan’s is known for, we crafted an elegant bottle shape with soft curves that allow the iconic Red Seal to shine. The bottle sits in a beautifully crafted gift box, which opens like a book to reveal the unique bottle.

The beauty is in the details: the Buchanan’s crest is proudly embossed on the back of the glass and beautifully frames the Red Seal. Alongside of the bottle, James Buchanan’s signature is embossed. The luxurious closure is an ornament to the bottle, and the majestic reds and golds of the seal, signature and label evoke the royal family, for which the whisky was crafted.


Design Strategy, Bottle & Packaging Design.