The award-winning range of Single Malt Scotch whiskies, The Singleton, is built around the epicurean world of taste. As the brand expanded its luxury portfolio, force MAJEURE was commissioned to strengthen the luxury credentials of the brand, through the creation of an impactful, modern and best in class luxury world.

Anchored in the core epicurean values of the brand, the new luxury world goes a step further and looks at breaking the boundaries of taste. True luxury is about that deep immersion in the world of the epicurean, more sensorial and more emotional: the epitome of epicurean luxury. The luxury platform was created by transforming the brand’s expression of taste into a real experience, bringing dimension and movement to fully immerse consumers into an explosion of flavors.

To express The Singleton’s luxury world, a set of on-and-off premise assets were developed to translate this taste immersion, targeting the Asian market. Serving rituals, serve accessories, gifting, merchandising, as well as POS assets designed to create magnetic environments. Flowing shapes, forms and textures, elevating the brand’s iconic teal and copper colors with luxury materials, creating deep and tactile experiences. We also worked on the creation of a Luxury World toolkit, inspiring artistic direction and guidance to ensure a consistent and iconic brand image through all present and future luxury executions of the brand.


Luxury Strategy, Point of Sale, Merchandising, Retail, Serving Assets, Experiences.