Born in an old perfumery in Grasse, South of France, Comte de Grasse creates sustainable luxury spirits by combining modern distilling methods with traditional perfuming extraction techniques. The founders’ aim is to imagine the spirits of tomorrow keeping Provence in their minds, hearts and close to their palates. 44N Gin was our first product launch, and chapter of this unique story. We were commissioned to create a brand for a new Rosé Vodka, pursuing Comte de Grasse’s path of innovation while staying true to the house’s main pillars: the South of France (its culture, lifestyle, elegance and flavors) and science.

Even though we were launching a new product, it belonged to the same family. Our design had to reflect this continuity. Both the vodka and rosé categories are crowded, so it was important for us to create a graphic disruption. We took inspiration from the fashion and beauty industries codes – we wanted 06 Vodka to be chic, sleek and iconic, with a very strong identity. At Comte de Grasse, numbers always have a double meaning: 06 stands for the Alpes-Maritimes department, a place where wonderful rosé wines are produced, and it’s also the brand’s concept, « 6 PM En Provence ». In our case, the concept goes beyond marketing, it’s inherent to the product itself.  6PM En Provence is the beautiful time when 06 Vodka Rosé brings friends together to enjoy a moment, the pleasure of time and place that only the Southeasternmost corner of France can offer. An occasion to share.

Because this number is so important to the brand, we designed it big, on a black label. The nude pink, inspired by makeup, combined with this intense black, gives a lot of charisma to the product. The black color is about 6 PM, this moment of transition between day and night. It’s chic and timeless. The shape of the bottle is feminine and modern, it’s inspired by the champaign world and evokes celebration. The closure is practical, sustainable and is part of the identity of the Comte de Grasse house. It’s the same as the one of 44N Gin, but this time in a delicate rose gold. We are the only brand whose personality isn’t defined by the label or the bottle, but by its closure. This is very unique.