The new, taller bottle for the Ultra Premium DeLeón range evokes fragrance cues and brings more elegance, and inclusivity, but also approachability to the brand. The previous square bottle was luxurious but too masculine, and this new bottle along with the elegant new graphics appeals to a wider target consumer. The accessibility of the new graphics appeals to more mid-tempo occasions where consumers can connect and relate, and is not anymore thought to being reserved for special occasions.

At first glance, you see the striking icon. Upon closer inspection, you see inviting, intricate details within the “D”, inviting the consumer to pick the bottle up on shelf and explore the details. With this new design for DeLeón, we created a true family for the Ultra Premium range, that shines on shelf. It is simple, but timeless and is not overly branded to let the liquid shine through. The consistent treatment of black brings the family to live on the shelf with a strong branded block. The monochromatic approach avoids the classic color segmentation in the Tequila category. DeLéon stands out on its own with the pioneering, sophisticated treatment of the branding.

The texture of the ‘D’ icon is the artistic soul of the new redesign. The rest of the graphic layout is effortless, chic, and timeless. The texture brings a sense of emotion and provenance that is treated with attention and style. We worked closely with the Diageo team and other key stakeholders to bring more grit to the brand to set it apart from other luxury tequilas and aligns better with the distinctive skull-like closure.

The new DeLeón bottle has been weight-lighted and will have a second life as a carafe for other liquids and can be resealed and reused with its beautiful sculpted closure. The product has no secondary packaging and is sold as the bottle only, with no carton waste.


Brand renovation, Packaging design, Photography.