For an emerging brand with momentum—in a highly competitive category—it’s crucial to show up anywhere and everywhere that you’re able to. For DeLeón, ‘showing up’ is rightfully malleable, depending on the platform, audience, and media. As DeLeón’s creative agency of record, we were tasked with providing out-of-home creative, which was a product of a quick and clever media buy via PHD—DeLeón’s media agency.

Naturally, the timeline was nearly impossible, so we conducted two work-streams to maximize potential of the media buy and communicate strategic messaging influenced by the media buy. Our only priority, knowing the limited time you have with the consumer for out-of-home, was product & brand awareness. It’s crucial to take a step back and become self-aware and transparent with the fact that DeLeón is a brand that needs product & brand awareness like oxygen. We have a stunning bottle, rooted in the art of fragrance, yet people are unaware of what we’re selling, which led to the campaign, THIS IS TEQUILA. Short, simple, and to the point, while screaming product awareness. Flirting with ironic humor and stating the obvious, the campaign had one intention—nobody that sees these billboards will be left wondering what DeLeón is.

In the matter of a week, we shot, retouched, and produced a product-centric static campaign of all three DeLeón SKUs that could be resized and formatted for the different billboards, while finally applying the headline and branding into a luxury design mechanic.  

PHD had also included digital out-of-home in the media buy, so we took this opportunity to have DeLeón ‘show up’ in more of a flavorful, lifestyle, and product-quality lead manner, via utilizing two previous videos we had produced. One of them focusing on the flavors and refreshing visual cues of the summer heat. The second video focused on craft and quality. All forms of creative ending with the tagline, ‘THIS IS TEQUILA’.