The Lobos 1707 story begins in the late XVII century. In Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico, Blue Weber agave is cultivated by jimadors to produce an agave spirit, known today as Tequila. As Diego Osorio learnt about this liquid and transported it in sherry wine barrels to his native Spain, he discovered the liquid aged within this sherry-bathed oak created a smooth and elegant Tequila unlike any other. From then, the tradition of the Osorio Tequila was passed down. Almost five centuries later, Diego Osorio, a descendent of the same name, set out to recreate the recipe, journeying back to Mexico, through Jalisco and Oaxaca. Many jimadors, crafters, and contributors from around the world helped refine the liquid and culminate the brand that is Lobos 1707 – continuing a legacy of extraordinary Tequilas and Mezcal.

Backed by Founder Diego Osorio, CEO Dia Sims and Investor LeBron James, the brand first entered market in 2000 with an extensive portfolio including Lobos 1707 Tequila, Extra Añejo, Reposado, Joven and Mezcal Artesanal. We were commissioned by the Lobos team to elevate the range by crafting the most luxury expression of Lobos 1707: the Extra Añejo Tequila.

Within the design of every Lobos 1707 bottle are elements that retell the legend – The Osorio family coat of arms hero-ing a wolf which gave its name to the brand, and the Agave Wind Rose Compass representing an adventurous spirit and honoring the brand’s Spanish and Mexican heritage. Designing Extra Añejo, we dialed up these assets as a symbol of legacy and strength for the brand. Through the creation of a new glass bottle, we brought the wolf head to the glass, engraving it into the back of the bottle as a true Lobos 1707 icon, being amplified when seen through the rich bronze liquid color. The bottle shape and curves are a logical evolution to the rest of the range while taking the luxury product a step further, through the heavy glass foot and proud shoulders. Graphics are minimal and let the bottle speak for itself, confident and pure. The unique closure perfectly complements the sleek bottle: a metallic hint which feels rugged, but sharp, through the brushed metal texture, and the perfectly sculpted agave wind rose compass at the top of the bottle. Lobos 1707 is the culmination of many hands and hearts. Built on the strength of each individual, the brand is the continuing legacy of many who have shared their passion and perseverance.

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