From end-to-end, Cîroc Honey Melon exemplifies product innovation and category disruption through a simple willingness to be bold. Highlighted across all touchpoints, Cîroc’s latest Limited Edition challenges the expected. The flavor profile is daring, the bottle design is provocative, the campaign strategy challenges the norm, and the execution is a clash of cultures through confidence and beauty. All of these come together to sell more than a mere product, but a stance on disrupting the ordinary.

For the design, we ran toward the Melon flavor profile being the extrovert of the two. We wanted to lean into green as much as possible for several reasons, but mainly because of green’s absence within ultra-premium spirits and, specifically, the vodka category. This window of opportunity felt like a great fit with such a disruptive and intriguing flavor. Complimenting the green gradient of the bottle, we then wanted to cue Honey in a luxury fashion by utilizing a lighter gold for the circular ‘orb’ and typography, rather than something that may compete with the bold green. 

For the campaign strategy, we wanted to continue down the path of disruption by juxtaposing the institutional country club setting with Cîroc’s young and diverse audience. Country clubs have a stigma that tends to be stuffy, exclusive, and culturally dated — Cîroc consumers are fundamentally the opposite. We wanted to celebrate our consumer’s values and bring the two tensions head-to-head by shooting a campaign with our audience taking over a country club with conviction. We conducted a two-day production at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA, where we took a diverse cast of models and emulated our country club takeover. Shot by Yulia Gorbachenko, we ensured that the styling, cast, set-design, props, and photography treatment all carried a sense of boldness, which is unique to our consumer. We shot throughout the club, simulating a full day of activities playing golf, tennis, inside the club, and a cocktail hour. Capturing still images and video content, we then built out the campaign across a 360 platform approach, satisfying creative needs for point-of-sale, organic and paid media, out-of-home, digital video, & e-commerce, using the tagline “No Reservations Needed”. 


Limited Edition, Design, Art Direction, Campaign, Key Visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Photo & Video Production, Retail Assets.