As a brand, Cîroc has a vast amount of respect and credibility in the ultra-premium vodka category, however consumers do not associate the brand with the ready to drink (RTD) space that has been booming over the past several years. For the launch of Cîroc’s new Vodka Spritz line, our challenge was to utilize the brands’ loyal consumer base and maturity in the ultra-premium vodka category to create a seamless entrance into the RTD category. 

For the foundation of Cîroc’s new Vodka Spritz lineup, we designed four vibrant and unique cans that leaned into the flavor cues of the taste and utilized the Cîroc orb that is so closely associated with the brand. In turn, this effectively communicated two essential elements. 1 – the vibrant colors and flavor cues provided a fresh take on the brand’s willingness to adapt towards a more playful on-the-go experience, and 2 – using the orb as a fundamental visual device instantly associating the product with a credible vodka brand that is widely known and respected. Each can is unlike any other in the RTD category; using a matte finish on the colored body of the can, complimented by a shiny metalized orb that showcases the premium nature of the product. 

We were not only tasked with designing the packaging for the inception of Cîroc Spritz, but also faced the opportunity of communicating the product’s launch over a 360-degree landscape, using video and static content, via social media, programmatic video, out-of-home billboards. We did not want this product launch to feel like the typical back-yard / beach summer-party moments, which puts the product in a bit of an occasional box. Cîroc’s Vodka Spritz’ should be enjoyed on any occasion and doesn’t practice social boundaries. We needed the communications to visually reflect the elegance, premium nature, and flavorful vibrance of the Cîroc Vodka Spritz.  

We conducted a 3-day intensive photo & video shoot in four separate locations around the Los Angeles area – Malibu, Ojai, Calabasas, and Long Beach. The idea being that all four flavors had their own separate shoot location, visual identity, lighting, and vibe; resulting in a cohesive film and campaign that clearly separated each individual flavor. It was crucial that we brought consumers to a unique emotional state for each flavor since all of them were exactly that—unique and drastically different from one another, while also living under the same roof. The content was brought through multiple different medias, resulting in something that truly hasn’t been seen in this category. Something that, we think, is the perfect way to introduce a product that is one the most disruptive recent innovation of the category.

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