For the past four years, Cîroc has launched two, limited edition, seasonal flavors per year. The purpose of LTOs is to drive newness and excitement for Cîroc among our consumer base.

We were commissioned to work on the product design and the launch campaign of their latest limited-edition flavor: Summer Citrus. ⁠ ⁠

The team identified the Citrus flavor profile as a huge gap within the Cîroc flavored portfolio. Citrus flavored spirits are preferred by more than 50% of consumers and citrus flavors are driving growth within the flavored vodka category.  Summer Citrus is nationally distributed. The media plan was a mix of digital programmatic, paid social (FB, IG, Pinterest) and geo-targeted media in the brand’s core markets.


Innovation, Visual strategy, Packaging design, Art Direction, Key visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Digital content, Photography & Video Production, Retail Assets.