Campari came to us with one clear and direct goal; create social and digital content that can be shared throughout the summer, inviting new and existing consumers to enjoy a simple, yet wonderful range of products in a genuine seasonal fashion. Tequila is the largest growing consumable liquid over the past 5 years and there’s no shortage of people who love celebrating the summer heat with Espolòn. Our job was to plant the seed of celebration by producing a simple, energetic, aspirational and relatable suite of visuals—video and stills—that celebrated two things. Espolòn Tequila & the summer. 

Our main concern for this shoot was to not overcomplicate things. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us and our most important job is to not get in the way of ourselves and our clients. Espolòn has massive demographics skewing towards larger cities and we’re based in the largest, most iconic city in the U.S., so we took a step in our backyard and built a loose script for a day’s production. The script was built on the foundation of a Saturday in the city, but not visually handcuffing ourselves to a specific city, as our consumers are multicultural and don’t just see themselves through the mirror of New York. 

We conducted a two-part shoot over the course of a 16-hour day; exploiting two special locations that told a story of youth, celebration, and freedom woven together with, not a needle, but tequila. We started by taking our four models to a locally run plant shop called Pollyn, located in the heart of Williamsburg. We wanted to tell the story of our cast at a local market and plant shop; shopping, laughing, and independently living, as we acutely notice the younger generations relating with these smaller moments of detail and self-expression. The set was perfect for the brand; consumed by greenery and irrigation, while having dramatic pops of vibrant colors via art-deco and glass-deco. 

Our next, and last, stop was a rooftop in Dumbo, Brooklyn; really highlighting the quirks and perks of the summer city life. Across industries, brands have been chasing the rooftop moments, but we wanted to take it a step further by relatability and imperfection. We took our cast on the roof, threw some pizzas on a blanket, and showcased a perfect evening filled with raw moments, laughter, food, and tequila.