The first global campaign in Espolon’s 25-year history comes at a moment of global expansion for the game-changing tequila brand. From the original vision of Espolòn’s founder Cirilo Oropeza, to the iconic label design, Espolòn is driven by a rebellious spirit rooted in modern Mexico, which now serves as the foundation for “To the Bone.” A raw, unexpected introduction to Espolòn® Tequila’s originality and depth, the campaign includes films and key visuals, rolling out globally beginning June 2024.

At the foundation of the creative for this campaign was the objective to bring a new type of disruption to the brand — cultural resonance. It was about telling a story that could emotionally connect with our audience in a celebration of culture — authenticity is what matters above all. This universal insight aligns with the core values of the Espolòn community, those who are driven by a desire not for status, but for originality and self-expression. This group of originals doesn’t need to be told to stand out and be themselves – they’ve got it. “To the Bone” is here to fuel the fire they already carry within. With a nod to the iconic calavera skeletons featured on every bottle, the campaign provides a platform to express your truest self and who you really are “to the bone.”

With the hero line, “To the Bone” we wanted to bring to life the rebellious spirit of unapologetic originality, a quality that rings true for the brand and its audience.  It’s not about what you are, but how much you are, celebrating those who embrace their individuality to the deepest level, with no compromises.  As only part of a sentence, “To the Bone” allows each person who encounters the campaign to consider what qualities they are to their very core — giving acceptance, joy, and a bold invitation to be themselves fully.  The script extends this sentiment giving color, specifics, and mood to the platform inviting each to be themselves, yet for all of us to be this way together.

Visually, the film treatment had to bring the rebellious creativity of the brand platform to life. The fact that this was a culture-centric campaign guided many of the creative decisions starting with the choice to shoot in Mexico City.  The fact this place has become a new, vibrant, creative hub on the global stage made it the perfect backdrop.  From a creative standpoint, it offered a contemporary, version of Mexico that departed from the industry standard backdrop of Jalisco agave fields.  Being centered on culture, also drove the casting decisions, opting for real individuals versus traditional actors and models. The campaign features people who already embrace a bold sense of style, enjoy standing out from the status quo, and extend this invitation of originality to the people around them. The entire vision came to life through the lens of photographer and filmmaker, Lou Esobar.  Her distinctive, hyper-real style brought vibrancy, playfulness, and protagonist energy to each character, gluing the entire vision together.  Through a “backstage” approach that lets viewers feel like part of the production, Lou captured real moments of organic, unpolished connection that communicates the authenticity central to Espolon.

“To bring the creative vision to life through this work, each character represented in the campaign is the protagonist of their own story,” said Lou Escobar. “With a mix of provocation and humor, these dynamic and emotional scenes portray the rebellious nature and authenticity of the Espolòn® community, whether they are dressing unexpectedly or moving with confidence, we see what makes them who they are at their very core.”

Told through all its layers and contrasting individuals, the campaign brings a dynamic, emotional story to life. But, at the core, it ultimately says one simple thing — that we should all embrace our originality with no apologies.

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