Fluocaril is a toothpaste brand which has been sold solely in pharmacies across Benelux, France and Spain. It was launched in 1947 in France and its unique formula with 2 types of fluoride addresses the biggest oral disease as 9 in 10 people will suffer from cavities in their lives. ​Fluocaril combines 2 fluoride salts for a short and long-term effect, clinically proven to prevent dental cavities.

The team relaunched Fluocaril in 2020 and commissioned us to work on its global rebranding. We put the brand back on track to success and gave it the place it deserves in French and Spanish pharmacies. We developed a new visual strategy, a revamped language, art direction and photography. We defined a bright new green and a unique signature where the most recognizable brand asset is used as the branding: the product itself, that proudly signs every campaign, in a clean and geometric layout. It’s efficient, reassuring, and modern. Fluocaril is a brand for the whole family: our new visual language introduces beautiful close-ups of happy faces, family members depicting the multi-generational connection with the brand, sharing the love, educating, creating those bright memories that will ultimately build the brand for the next generations.

We redesigned the pack with a new icon for the unique Fluocaril formula, the “bi-fluoré,” we also gave the kid’s line a face lift and introduced more innovation such as “natur’essence,” a new line of plant-based toothpaste. Just relaunched in July, Fluocaril is back, refreshed, alive, with new campaigns, new merchandising, and new packaging.


Brand Renovation, Visual identity, Packaging Design, New Range Creation, Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Key Visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Retail Assets.

The natur’essence logotype was created to carry the Fluocaril look and feel by using Helvetica light, pushing the expertise of the brand while remaining friendly with the lowercase treatment. We show the ingredients in a dynamic composition, feeling natural and evoking movement and power.

The new Fluocaril Kids logotype brings together playfulness and geometry. The color-block approach stays true to Fluocaril’s brightness and the almost hand-drawn style renders the logo approachable and gentle to match the Kids proposition. In order to be consistent with the core range, we use a similar double circle system to talk about the bi-fluoré technology. For the Kids and Junior range, we use this hand-drawn version and tie up the color with the variant’s flavor for easy differentiation and appeal. The Kids’ style is slightly more naive and simple than the Junior style, to bring a better differentiation.

“I can’t remember when was the day this brand came into my life. Most likely the day I had my first tooth. But I remember everything about it. Its taste, the green color, and the promise of no cavities – plus all the family moments associated with it. A ” Madeleine de Proust,” as we say in French. My first interaction with the brand as a designer was in the ’90s. We worked on a lot of innovations: the introduction of “fluokids” and its revolutionary segmentation, educational programs, new toothbrushes that were perfectly designed to fit in the young hands and get them excited to brush their teeth, fun travel toothbrushes for adults, and many more. Fast forward 2019, I get a phone call from my very good friend Marie-Anne:
– Do you want to wake up a sleeping beauty? She asked. Unilever just acquired Fluocaril!
– Oh Yes! I answered with no hesitation
Just relaunched in July, 2020, Fluocaril is back, refreshed, alive, with new campaigns, new merchandising, and new packaging! Let’s create new memories!”

Laurent Hainaut, Founder forceMAJEURE.