Dove commissioned us to design their new “Care by Plants” deodorants range to be launched in the US market.

This range marks the brand’s debut in the clean beauty space, with close to 99% natural ingredients, 100% natural origin fragrance, vegan formulation, sustainable sourcing and 96% PCR packaging. Dove’s functional ethos has always been superior care. The challenge was to bring this element into a natural’s space that also has scientific backing and efficacy. Our new design is inspired by the energy and brilliance going on inside plants, that our naked eye can’t see. But under UV light it is spectacularly revealed. We brought a sense of structure and scientific language on the packaging to further convey the performance element. The range is composed of eight deodorants, four of which are already available in stores: eucalyptus, sandalwood, lemongrass and tea tree.


New Range Creation, Visual Strategy, Packaging Design.