Dove is the #1 body wash in the world, leading in 15 countries including the US, with a 20% market share. Today, the beauty market is undergoing profound changes, driven by the proliferation of brands, as well as new and evolving consumers seeking for an elevated shower occasion while making better, more informed choices. In an evolving market, the Dove Body Wash was left quite vulnerable, with weakened moisturizing attributes, in part due to key competitors’ increasing and strengthening their superior care perception, leading to non-Dove consumers believing Dove doesn’t moisturize enough.

Our marketing and design challenges were to reinforce key assets of the brand, seen as iconic to consumers, and strengthen the superior care cues, through improved messaging and ingredient treatment on pack, while leveraging the main Dove brand equities. The design of a new, consumer-centric portfolio architecture allowed each of the 15 variants to come to life with unique stories, targeting specific benefit spaces to meet the varying needs of our audiences, in our attempt to recruit new consumers. Successfully driving superiority of moisturizing and uniqueness, the new design covered:

– The communication of a new, stronger level of moisturizing through a redesigned Moisture Renew Blend icon, more credible and consumer-friendly.
– A new information hierarchy, fully rethought to ensure optimal clarity of messaging.
– Evolving to a needs-based architecture delivering tailored skin benefits, creating unique stories for each variant through hyper-realistic photography, conveying sensoriality and care.
– A powerful and consistent variant communication guaranteeing impact on shelf, through clear color coding for each variant.
– A full redesign of the back of pack layout, clearly communicating clean beauty cues through claims and iconography, for increased transparency.
-A clear communication of the new, 100% recycled plastic bottle.


Packaging Design, Illustrations, Photography.

“The modernity, premium-ness, and clarity of benefits that the redesigned Dove body wash artwork brought was a key factor in driving the overwhelming success of this project. It effectively helped convert non-users to the brand, growing penetration to the highest levels ever reached and far surpassing competition.” Margaret Meritt, Senior Global Brand Manager, Unilever.

The Dove Body Wash redesign was the winner of the Dieline x Designalytics Effectiveness Award.