The Good Stuff is an innovative range of no-rinse conditioners designed to address a variety of hair concerns while saving water. Eco-friendly and time-saving, these formulations are simply too good to rinse off! The line also carries a gentle shampoo meant to prepare your hair for the good stuff in the conditioners. ⁠The team came to us as they were creating the brand in 2019 to work on their branding, packaging design and visual strategy.

The “too good to rinse off” tagline communicates an important message of The Good Stuff range – its potent, nourishing formulations should be left in your hair to continue to protect it all day. The Good Stuff brand mark is a key element of the pack design. Prominent and proud, its simple, approachable design sets the tone for the friendly, conversational copy on the pack. It is always left-aligned with the rest of the copy, creating a cohesive look. Its large size allows it to communicate the brand message at first glance, unifying the different packs.


Brand Creation, Visual Strategy, Branding, Packaging Design, Photography. 

We designed The Good Stuff logo to communicate simplicity, efficacy and a positive spirit. The geometric, lowercase letterforms bring an⁠ approachable, friendly look and feel.⁠ The colorful droplet speaks to the⁠ actual formulations – the good stuff itself – as well as to the notion of⁠ saving water: “every drop counts”. ⁠ The droplet changes its color to match the variant color on which it appears.