Old Parr Glow in the Dark

Old Parr Glow in the Dark is the newest fluorescent limited-edition blended Scotch whisky. Aged 12 years, Old Parr is the harmonious combination of Scotland's finest blends, with distinct fruit notes, melted toffee and a lingering finish of honey.

For the inception of Old Parr's new limited-edition, we created and developed the bottle's package design. Our priority: creating a new graphic expression for the flavor to stand out on its own as a true seasonal offering, while remaining recognizably Old Parr.

Inspired by the region’s lively spirit, we dove into carnival culture, sought the unexpected and designed a glow-in-the-dark bottle. A toast to folkloric celebration, the new limited-edition Old Parr features intricate patterns, vivid colors, and remains a collectible item for years to come.