The Good Stuff

Did you know that 95% of your conditioner ends up down the drain? The Good Stuff is the new innovative range of no-rinse conditioners, each consciously tailored for different hair types and packed full with nutrients that keep working all day long. Founded on the belief that there is a better way to care for our hair while respecting our planet, these leave-in formulas cut consumption and waste by reducing water usage and are housed in 100% recycled & recyclable bottles.

For the inception of The Good Stuff, forceMAJEURE designed the range's packaging and developed the brand's core messaging and identity system. Our priority; simplifying and elevating our target audience's haircare routine while delivering an eco-friendly solution. With the contemporary millennial woman in mind, one who lives a conscious but busy lifestyle, we focused on the range's main strength: its unique formulation and custom-fit care.

Designed to address specific haircare needs; frizzy, fine, damaged, dry or color-treated hair, the range also includes one sulfate-free shampoo, to be used as part of the innovative haircare routine. To simplify the two-part regimen, we alternated pack colors; black for the shampoo and white for the six leave-in conditioners.

To unify the product range and emphasize its natural benefits and potent formulas, we designed a geometric letterform logo, with a type large enough to be noticed at first glance. Prominent and proud, the range's brandmark sets the tone for the friendly, honest and conversational on-pack copy. The droplet, unique in its shape, can be used as a standalone icon and speaks to the actual formations - the good stuff itself - as well as to the notion of saving water embodied in the tagline “every drop counts.” The “too good to rinse off” tagline communicates the product range's key message: its nourishing nutrients should be left in your hair to continue to protect it all day.

To communicate the brand's core claims, we developed an easy-to-read iconography system, highlighting the product range’s unique features; from its eco-friendly formulation to its 100% PET recycled packaging and water-saving benefits. With their delicate lines and circular layouts, the icons bring a touch of beauty and femininity to the bottles, highlighting the brand’s unparalleled sense of care and setting it apart on shelf.

Not only is The Good Stuff 100% vegan, with 0% dye and parabens, but the product range is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

forceMAJEURE Team

Creative Director: Michelle Mak

Designer: Magdalena Travis


Designer: Samuel Rowe

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