Casa Amarillo is a new-to-the-world creative platform celebrating modern Mexican culture, energy, optimism, and hospitality. Casa Amarillo’s mission is building an energized global community through cross-cultural exchange and international creative collaboration.

forceMAJEURE brought its experience in Strategy, Positioning, Innovation, Branding, and Design to bring to life the Casa Amarillo concept. During Design Week Mexico 2023, we supported Casa Amarillo in launching its first experience in their newly created Casa Amarillo space at Design House. In collaboration with forceMAJEURE, the Casa Amarillo space was created on the rooftop of the Design House by C.Cubica Architects, bringing to life their vision of Modern Mexican Architecture, open and welcoming, joyful and soulful. The warm space sets up the spirit in which the brand will express itself and is a tribute to Casa Amarillo’s founding value of hospitality. From dusk to dawn, the sunlight travels the space. It reflects on the colorful architectural elements, sliding gently on the unique ceramic vases exposed throughout the space or bouncing on the bright yellow glass pieces created for the occasion.

During this one-month event, Casa Amarillo presented its first prototypes of a beautiful series of unique objects created alongside Mexican designers and artisans. This first collection, a crystal serving carafe, and a flute, brings a new dimension to appreciating and celebrating Tequila and Mezcal’s unique qualities, embracing the power of collaboration between designers and artisans and opening a critical dialogue about sustainability and design. The collection was prototyped by Keep Brooklyn in  Brooklyn, NY, and produced in Mexico by Nouvel Studio.

Alongside this unique barware collection,  forceMAJEURE co-created a unique series of bar fountains, mixing glass and stone, which were the centerpieces of Casa Amarillo bar experience. The fountains were used to elegantly dispense the Casa Amarillo’s limited-edition agave distilled spirits created exclusively for #DWM23: a Tequila Blanco, a Tequila Blanco with subtle notes of coffee, and a Mezcal distilled with pineapple. Those new-to-world flavors, produced in small batches, reflect Casa Amarillo’s unique, innovative, and collaborative approach to Agave spirits making. The Tequila Blanco has its origin in Amatitán, Jalisco. Un-aged with a clear color, it has a well-balanced body with subtle notes of agave that add a sweet touch to the taste. The Tequila Blanco Notas de Café is also un-aged with a delicate infusion of subtle notes of coffee. Continuing with the agave distilled liquids, Casa Amarillo also ventures into the mezcal category, with a Mezcal Espadín distilled with pineapple with origins in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. The pineapple notes bring a subtle sweetness to the classic smoky Mezcal experience. The bar fountains are objects of high visual appeal but also a sustainable answer to the dispensing of spirits in bars and restaurants. They were crafted in Mexico by DoStudio for the glass and Ente for the stonework.

This collection is the first chapter in developing Casa Amarillo’s creative platform, and forceMAJEURE will continue to guide the brand in its future partnership between Designers, Makers, and Agave spirits producers.


Brand Creation, Concept, Visual Identity, Strategy, Positioning,  Portfolio Architecture & Flavor Strategy, Ritual & Product Design, Launch Campaign, Photography.

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