The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) directed by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, has long stood as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the dynamic landscape of global design. Yet, even the most established platforms must evolve to keep pace with shifting market dynamics and the ever-expanding expectations of a discerning international audience. This imperative for growth and rejuvenation led ICFF to partner with Force Majeure for its profound branding design and art direction expertise. Together, they embarked on a strategic mission to infuse new life into ICFF, ensuring it continued to serve as a pivotal hub for the international design community from its vibrant home in New York.

The task was multifaceted: ICFF needed to reclaim the electric energy that marked its inception, stand out as a distinctive and memorable landmark within the fair space, and foster a more profound sense of community and engagement among its participants. Force Majeure developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve these goals, meticulously designed to resonate with ICFF’s core values while propelling the brand into its next chapter.

Central to this strategy was the imperative to “Bring the Energy” back to ICFF. The fair was envisioned not just as an event, but as a dynamic platform for artistic freedom, cultural connection, and entrepreneurial spirit. The fair was reinvigorated by highlighting ICFF’s roots and curating spaces and programs that stimulated creativity and innovation, attracting a broader, more engaged audience. The strategy also sought to ground ICFF in a singular, compelling idea that extended beyond the confines of the event itself. ICFF was repositioned as a platform for growth, networking, and creative exchange, a concept that permeated all brand communications to ensure a cohesive and compelling narrative. This re-articulation helps ICFF stand out as more than just a fair—but instead a year-round community for designers, artists, and creatives seeking inspiration and connection.

To further distinguish ICFF, the brand underwent a visual and verbal identity refresh, making it more distinctive and memorable. A set of unique, ownable descriptors and a bold new visual identity carved out a distinct space for ICFF in the design world, fostering a stronger emotional connection among its community. ICFF’s new identity incorporates a dynamic grid system and vibrant colors, departing from its previous stark black and white logo. The redesigned logo symbolizes ICFF’s evolution, with colors representing distinct features like sustainability and high-end craftsmanship. Reflecting the energy and spirit of New York City, where ICFF is based, emphasizing its role as a global hub for design innovation.

ICFF refined its messaging to be straightforward and consistent across all touch points. This people-centric approach emphasized ICFF’s commitment to serving the needs and aspirations of its community, enhancing attendee satisfaction and engagement.

This transformation is a testament to the power of strategic thinking and creative collaboration in navigating the complexities of the contemporary design landscape. As ICFF continues to evolve, it remains a vibrant platform for innovation, creativity, and community, reflecting the ever-changing tapestry of global design from its unique vantage point in New York.


The new visual identity will be rolled out across all platforms in 2024, signaling a significant shift in ICFF’s brand positioning and strategy.
“The bold letters make a strong statement,” WantedDesign co-founder and now ICFF brand director Claire Pijoulat says of the powerful new wordmark, which was developed with creative agency ForceMajeure as an homage to Manhattan’s imposing, inspiring, instantly recognizable street grid. Conveying authority, efficiency, and a curated aesthetic, the logo’s big structured blocks encapsulate themes that will be translated to the show floor itself. “And, of course, the font is also appropriately architectural,” adds Pijoulat.