Passionate people don’t take days off. Passion is permanent. It is ever evolving and transforming, but always present. Passion is not scripted, it’s rooted in truth, transparency, and reality. Sean Combs’ Passion is a raw and pure energy – it’s an always-on mentality and an inability to stop. Always moving forward, producing, celebrating, spreading love. In a world that needs heroes and leaders, we want to highlight Mr. Combs’ Passion to inspire change and action, which is transcended through this film. Passion is far more than a flavor; it’s an emotion of the highest value that commands cultural waves, creative breakthroughs, and inspires generations courageous enough to open their eyes. Creating a campaign that celebrates the passion Mr. Combs has poured into everything he’s touched—in this case Cîroc vodka was the obvious way to communicate the launch of his newest creation.

Working with the highly renowned director, Aisultan Seitov, we wanted to let people in on an abstract and unique way of bringing Mr. Comb’s Passion to life on-screen, through studio footage & macro landscape shots where the Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Writer (& so much more) took center stage. In a world of advertising, which is highlighting inclusion and diversity, we wanted to also inspire. Inspiration can come via many shapes, but sometimes having a hero figure who has a contagious level of positive and unlimited energy is what a generation needs to be inspired. This film is a celebration of that Passion.

While having Mr. Comb’s story and presence in the campaign as the true hero, we also needed to capture content that could be used as supporting media on paid and organic platforms. We conducted a shoot in the Florida Keys that showcased the true beauty of the product in a lifestyle and relatable atmosphere. An essential part of communicating with our consumer base is highlighting that the product is for the every-day customer who finds the simple pleasure in a celebration. Using the tropical aesthetic of the location, along with bringing fire into shots for a polarizing effect of a ‘burning passion’, we captured static and video content to extend after the product’s launch, supporting Mr. Comb’s front-facing campaign.


Limited Edition, Design, Art Direction, Campaign, Key Visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Photo & Video Production, Retail Assets.