More than 15 years ago, Don Julio and his family planted their final agave field. That harvest was carefully distilled, barreled, and set aside to create a special 36-month aged luxury Extra Anejo Tequila, honoring the founder’s devotion.

This year, to celebrate the brand’s 80th anniversary, a limited quantity of this special Tequila will be released as a tribute to Don Julio’s craftsmanship. To promote the launch of this rare edition, forceMAJEURE was commissioned to create a range of activation assets for the US market. The designs are inspired by the iconic architecture of Luis Barragàn, key to the brand’s look & feel, marrying Mexican modernism, with raw textures inspired by nature.

A series of key visuals was created showcasing the beautiful faceted bottle, as well as a series of point of sale material for the on and off premise, to engage consumers with the brand at a deeper level and enjoy special moments of luxury.


Visual Strategy, Campaign, Key Visuals (Print, Digital & Social), Retail and Serving Assets.