2 of our recent rebranding and packaging design work were both awarded a 2020 Graphis Silver Award!

We are delighted and grateful that 2 of our most recent rebranding and packaging design work were both awarded aGraphis Inc.Silver Award!

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Many thanks to theE. & J. Gallo Wineryteam for their trust on those projects, and congratulations to the forceMAJEURE DesignTeam! Cheers!

The Packaging Design for Dark Horse Wine received a Graphis Silver Packaging-10 Design Award.

We were asked by E&J Gallo Winery to rebrand one of the growing brands of wine in their portfolio, Dark Horse, a modern expression of wine from California. Dark Horse is a brand known for delivering surprisingly exceptional wine at an affordable price. By focusing on perceptions of quality and taste, along with a bolder, more uplifting brand story in both packaging and communications, we set out to create a visual world and a 360 branding portfolio for Dark Horse as it boldly moves forward to reach new consumers.

Our approach was to elevate the brand’s quality & premium perception and consider the entire packaging portfolio, developing a flexible design system that allows for future innovation to guide and inspire the entire brand look and feel, including the touch points of portfolio strategy, POS and collateral materials, retail inspiration, and brand content. We also wanted to help increase competitiveness on shelf among the varietal set through an uplifting new branding and packaging. Our key challenge as a design agency was to amplify the desire for the brand through a bolder lookand feel.

We set out to redefine what is possible for the brand, starting with a new look and feel through the label design, elevating and refreshing the packaging to match the quality and taste that the brand is known for by its loyal consumers. The labels are printed on elegant, premium paper stock in both metallic and matte finish, amplifying color, flavors, taste, the icon, and the savoir-faire that Dark Horse is celebrated for. The Dark Horse icon has a front and center placement on the label, and the navigation system of the label is simple, allowing the consumer to see in a glance what waits inside the bottle.

Category: Packaging

Sub-Category: Spirits

Credits: Strategy and Creative Direction: Pierre Delebois Design: Melanie Brown Production Management: Steve Assandri


forceMAJEURE Studio

The Rebranding and Packaging design for Germain-Robin received a Graphis Silver Design Annual Award.

Germain-Robin began in 1982 as the unlikely union of two creative minds: Ansley Cole, a professor and Hubert Germain-Robin, a Cognac distiller. The two partnered to create Germain-Robin, the first California brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. They crafted their brandy from traditional, alembic Cognac stills, but using unconventional, flavorful and complex California wine grapes. Embracing the rich tradition of hand-distillation while harnessing the potential of California wine, they set a new standard of excellence in brandy that has been recognized worldwide. Germain-Robin continues that tradition today – advancing the art of fine California brandy into a new era.

forceMAJEURE was asked to rebrand Germain-Robin, staying true to the ethos of the founders while providing the quality and premium queues to make Germain-Robin the brandy of choice for connoisseurs.

Emulating the core brand value of unembellished while still being uncompromising, forceMAJEURE chose to create a clean and straightforward look for the branding, and the new visual identity. The logotype expresses the quiet and confident attitude of the brand: the name of the two founders are stacked and elegantly separated by a thin line: a quest for a perfect balance, the equilibrium between imagination and a rigor in execution. The minimalist approach to the packaging of the 2 brandies follows the same philosophy: The California Alembic brandy has a humble white crafted paper label that notes the variant in red, and a precise description of the distillation and aging methods of the brandy. The XO variant has a minimalist black label, enhanced by a stamped print of a Redwood cut, also found on the capsule of both expressions. The Redwood Symbol, an honest representation of their respect to the environment, artisanal methods and the diligence of craftsmanship and detail, was crafted by a local artist using an actual Redwood tree cut. The closure carries with confidence the new GR monogram, a modern seal of quality and commitment to excellence.

The imagination, endeavor and tenacity of the founders led them to make a product in service of the best Northern California had to offer. Everything we did followed their ambition to make the best brandy possible.

Category: ReBrand

Sub-Category: Spirits

Credits: Strategy and Creative Direction: Pierre Delebois Design: Tim Devereaux Production Management: Steve Assandri


forceMAJEURE Studio

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