Release of the 2013 Grange Aevum Limited Edition Decanter Series

forceMAJEURE is excited to announce the release of the 2013 Grange Aevum Limited Edition Decanter Series, the second collaboration with Penfolds and famed glassmaker Saint-Louis. Penfolds Grange is an Australian icon, a National Trust heritage-listed wine which is highly anticipated by wine collectors and observers each release. In 2016, the first commercial release of five 2012 Grange Imperial (6 litre bottles) saw the creation of an outstanding wine service ritual.

forceMAJEURE collaborated with Penfolds and Europe’s most respected French glassmaker Saint-Louis to create a distinctive service vessel to hold the 2012 Grange Imperial and a limited edition crystal decanter for the 2013 Grange 750ml. The exceptional results and positive impact led Penfolds to mandate forceMAJEURE to create a second edition of the decanter to accompany the 2013 Grange 750ml release.

For the second iteration of the Penfolds and Saint-Louis collaboration, forceMAJEURE designed a sculptured crystal decanter to enhance the decanting process and the enjoyment of a Penfolds wine. The decanter releases the aromas and flavours of the wine through aeration and delivers an unforgettable experience and sense of occasion.

The slow-moving, controlled and secure turning motion gently aerates the wine while the handcrafted piece, featuring a flowing band of incised crystal around the decanter, allows an uninterrupted view of the depth of color and consistency of the liquid inside.

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