The Thing About France

Hosted by the Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy, The Thing About France is a bi-weekly podcast exploring distinctive traits of French culture and its unexpected ties with iconic American artistic figures. Through honest and spontaneous personal anecdotes, the new podcast draws listeners into an auditory voyage, tuning into the thoughts of award-winning musicians, novelists, curators, and more.

For the inception of The Thing About France, forceMAJEURE developed the podcast's visual identity and created its key visual assets: a dynamic logo, bespoke episode covers, website design, and videos.

We combined our expertise with that of Sixieme Son, the famed audio-branding company, and developed the podcast's visual identity in perfect sync with its sonic personality.

In addition to the development of the brand’s assets, we crafted for each episode a custom-made illustration, introducing visual cues reflective of each interviewee's unique tie to the French culture.

Our video introduces all aspects of this new and original podcast.

The Thing About France's brand identity, with its strong visual art direction and distinctive audio personality, reflects the expression of the true melting pot and of the genuine and unscripted exchange of ideas that deep dive into both French and American culture.

The Thing About France is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, and at The podcast has been listed as Apple's "New and Noteworthy" Arts podcast.